Rise Like the Break of Dawn


this is so sad to watch

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life is a game and taylor swift is winning

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I hope you all find someone who gives you cute names and tells you it’s adorable when you do embarrassing things and hugs you when it’s early in the morning and makes you feel like you have a whole disneyland fireworks show going off inside your body and never ever lets you go 


“Elsa capped her Storybrooke rampage by freezing a door knob at Mr. Gold’s very early this morning.” (x)



so many hot girls……. all of us 

maybe 5 hot boys 


the world 


kill the idea that openly caring characters are boring

set on fire the line of thought that dictates that altruism is a bad thing and that selfishness/sassiness is an inherently more appealing and ‘~intricate~’ quality than an affectionate nature

smash and bury the concept of the false equivalency between angst and complexity

kindness and empathy are not synonyms for “blandness” and “lack of personality”

i was looking for that post on google and

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the only acceptable haircut